50/50 Draw Possibilities

This post was prompted by the expressed concern that is felt by members of Innisfil’s Charitable Organizations regarding the pending losses from Casino Revenue and the apparent banning of 50/50 draws etc. by the Town. Our Society’s treasurer noticed the following clause in our existing lease for the Churchill Community Centre and felt that we were legally vulnerable. The society had already purchased a number of Raffle Prizes for this years meetings and has decided to absorb the loss by handing out FREE tickets at each meeting as Door Prizes.

From the Town of Innisfil’s Banquet Hall & Public Community Room Rental Policy


In accordance with Section 206 of the Criminal Code, all forms of gaming, betting, lotteries and games of chance, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, (50/50) tickets, blackjack tables, roulette wheels, etc., are not permitted and are strictly prohibited on the premises, absent a valid provincial gaming license issued to the Applicant and produced to the Town prior to commencement of the rental. In the event the Renter fails to comply with the terms of this Section, or does anything on the premises that is not authorized by or done pursuant to any required provincial license, this rental shall be deemed automatically revoked and the Renter’s function will be automatically cancelled, with forfeiture of the rental fee and deposit to the Town.

The (unintended?) effect of this clause is to limit “Raffle Lotteries” on town premises to a Minimum of $50,000 and huge fees – payable to AGCO rather than the Town, BTW :

Below $50,000, Municipalities can issue licences and Keep The Fees, so – all is not lost!

This is from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Website:

What We Do: Charitable Gaming
Raffle Lotteries
A raffle lottery is a scheme where tickets are sold for a chance to win a prize at a
draw and includes 50/50 draws, elimination draws, and calendar draws.
Provincial Licence
Only the Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming may issue a licence to an eligible
charitable or religious organization for the following:

  • Raffle lotteries where the total value of the prizes to be awarded exceeds $50,000;
  • Raffles conducted in an unorganized territory;
  • Raffles conducted on federal land such as the Canadian Forces Bases;
  • Raffles lotteries where the event is to be conducted in conjunction with another licensed lottery event.

Municipal Licence
A municipality may issue a licence to eligible local charitable or religious
organizations for ticket raffle lotteries where the total value of the prizes to be
awarded does not exceed $50,000.
Municipal licence applications may be made with the municipality where the event
will be administered.
If you are applying for a municipal licence, contact the local municipality where the
event will be administered for more detailed information on the application process,
licensing fees and required attachments.
Blanket Raffle Licence (issued by municipality only)
A blanket raffle licence will allow eligible organizations to obtain one lottery licence
to conduct and manage more than one type of raffle event within a fixed time
period and within a capped prize amount.
Please refer to the Lottery Licensing Policy Manual for further information
pertaining to blanket raffle licences.

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